Ubuntu Quick Tip: Missing Minimize and Maximize Window Buttons?

Ubuntu gnome ask the adminHello out there in admin land!

It is I, El Di Pablo here to bring you a quick Ubuntu tip for the week. I haven’t written on aTa in a while due to my hectic schedule, but I am sure you have seen me milling about the comments quite a bit.

Anyhoo, so there I am last night, screwing around on my Ubuntu laptop surfing porn doing homework when I noticed that all of my minimize and maximize buttons were missing from my windows. The only way to minimize and maximize my windows were to right click on the bottom task bar and select it from the menu. WTF?!?!?

Well, it turns out that those buttons aren’t completely controlled by Gnome. For those buttons, Gnome uses a windows manager call Metacity. To get those buttons back I had to open a terminal and run the following command:

metacity –replace

Once I did that, my buttons came back, and I was able to minimize and maximize like a mofo! Do you have any good Ubuntu tips/tricks you want to share? Hit us up in the comments!

By El Di Pablo of Bauer-Power


  1. stuart

    the correct command is actually metacity –replace; at least in hardy

  2. stuart

    the correct command is actually metacity – -replace; at least in hardy

  3. lduvall

    On my machine metacity –replace works better ;^)

  4. lduvall

    it is meacity – – replace (2-s, not one, and I see my double dash has been replaced by one in the comment awaiting moderation.

  5. jim

    I could kiss you dude.
    For me it was metacity –replace and restart mozilla

  6. jim

    I meant –replace. That would be 2 minus signs.

  7. max vogel

    metacity –replace
    worked for me thanks everyone!

  8. max vogel

    yes it messed up my post as well its metacity with a space then a double hyphen or double minus THEN replace

  9. john

    please note it should be metacity –replace (with 2 dashes)

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